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Lawn of The MonthMaintaining a beautiful lawn is hard, tedious work. But for Northland Kansas City homeowners, it doesn’t have to be.

Picture Perfect Lawn Care has designed a simple 5-step lawn maintenance program to help Platte and Clay county homeowners cultivate a beautiful lawn without the manual labor and hours of reading online reviews trying to find the magic-bullet fertilizer. Our lawn maintenance program spans 9 months out of the year, perfectly timing fertilizer and pest control applications to bring you a lawn that’s truly picture-perfect. For more information about our lawn and landscape maintenance services, call us today!

Our 5 Simple Steps to Landscape & Lawn Maintenance

With over 30 years of offering this service to Northland Kansas City, our 5-step lawn maintenance program has proven effective for thousands of homeowners. Our seasonal approach incorporates proactive fertilization as well as disease and pest control.

Step One: March

We kick off our 5-step lawn maintenance program in the first month of spring with the application of slow-release fertilizer and pre-emergent.

Slow-release fertilizers help give grass essential nutrients over time while eliminating the risk of fertilizer burn. Fertilizer burn can occur when too much fertilizer is applied to plants, scorching the plant foliage and causing yellowing and root damage. Slow-release fertilizers also reduce the frequency of application, making it a more cost-efficient option.

In addition to fertilizer, we also apply pre-emergent. Pre-emergent herbicide is a type of weed control that inhibits the growth of crabgrass and foxtail. Pre-emergent needs a substance to bind with during application in order to work, thus applying it at the same time as fertilizer is ideal.

This process is often referred to as “weed and feed”—and it’s highly effective for encouraging the healthy growth of grass and discouraging the growth of annual grasses.

Step Two: May

In May, it’s time for step two of our lawn maintenance program. We again apply slow-release fertilizer, continuing to distribute essential nutrients throughout your lawn. We also apply liquid broadleaf weed control and surface insecticide.

Unfortunately, weeds aren’t the only yard nuisance come the hotter months—insects can also cause trouble. During our second step in our lawn maintenance program, we also apply surface insecticide for sod webworm control.

Step Three: June and July

Grubs don’t just look unsettling—they’re one of the most dangerous lawn pests. For being just 2 inches long, they can be quite the vehicle for destruction. Grubs feed on the roots of grass, preventing the plant from absorbing vital water and nutrients. Eventually, grass will die off and leave behind a patchy-looking lawn.

In order to prevent grub damage, it’s important to identify and control them early in their life cycle. Adult beetles lay eggs early to mid-summer, making June and July the best time to apply grub control.

Our grub control is season-long, meaning you shouldn’t have to worry about grubs damaging the important root system beneath your turf for the remainder of the summer.

Step Four: September

As step four of our five-part lawn maintenance program, we focus on helping your lawn recover from the summer stress. We will circle back around and once again apply granular slow-release fertilizer with liquid broadleaf weed control. This ensures your lawn receives the necessary nutrients and is enabled to fight off weeds throughout the fall months.

Step Five: November

In preparation for the cooler months, our 5-step lawn maintenance program concludes with a final application of granular fertilizer and the performance of a soil PH test for lime recommendation.

A soil PH test can tell you whether your soil is at an ideal level of acidity for plant growth. Too acidic, and plants can be exposed to toxic aluminum levels. The goal of lime application isn’t to raise the PH of the soil to neutral, but to an acidic PH level that allows for healthier root growth, enhanced drought tolerance, and improved nutrient supply.

You’re 5 Steps Away from Your Dream Lawn

Let your lawn be the talk of the neighborhood without breaking a sweat—call Picture Perfect Lawn Care today to learn more about our simple 5-step lawn maintenance program!