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Like us, our grass needs just the right amount of nutrients to grow healthily. When grass becomes nutrient-deficient, it loses its vigor, becoming dull and thin. However, there’s a delicate balance to lawn fertilization—too much and your lawn could suffer from fertilizer burn.

At Picture Perfect Lawn Care, we provide the lawn fertilization services and resources you need to ensure your lawn turns your neighbors green with envy.

Our Lawn Fertilizer Services

At Picture Perfect Lawn Care, we understand that lawn fertilization is a daunting task to go about alone. With so many products and methods available, it’s difficult to decipher the good from the bad. We’re here to help you navigate the world of lawn fertilization and create a personalized lawn fertilization schedule that addresses your lawn’s unique needs. From slow-release fertilizers to soil amendments, we’ve got you—and your lawn—covered. Simply call us today to discuss your lawn fertilization needs to get started!

Looking for a simpler approach to lawn maintenance? Check out our 5-step lawn maintenance program that includes not just lawn fertilization, but weed and grub control as well!

Beyond the lawn

We are not just interested in ensuring your lawn looks beautiful—we want to ensure your landscape and ornamentals are well-fed, too! In addition to our lawn fertilizer services and lawn maintenance program, we also offer soil amendments and tree and shrub applications.

Soil Amendments

Our soil amendment services involve reading the PH of your lawn and applying lime as necessary to create the perfect environment for grass to thrive. Soils with too low a PH, or strongly acidic soils, are breeding grounds for weeds. Not only that, but acidic soils make it difficult for nutrients to reach your grass roots.

To balance your turf’s PH, we sweeten your soil with lime. This lime application raises the PH of your soil back up to an ideal level, leading to improved color, thickness, and root development.

Tree and Shrub Applications

You can’t have a picture-perfect lawn if your landscaping and ornamentals are suffering—that’s why we offer tree and shrub applications in addition to our lawn care services! Our tree and shrub applications include fertilizer, insecticide, and miticide.

Have Questions About Lawn Fertilizer? Ask the Experts!

If you’re ready to schedule lawn fertilizer services for the spring or have any questions at all, give us a call! Our lawn care experts would be happy to discuss the health of your lawn with you.

Lawn & Grass Fertilizer FAQ

We’re all about providing Northland Kansas City homeowners with the resources they need to make educated decisions about their lawn and landscape. Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions we receive when it comes to lawn and grass fertilizer:

Can you fertilize wet grass?

You should wait until your lawn is completely dry before applying grass fertilizer. Quick-releasing granular fertilizers, when applied to wet grass, can burn grass blades immediately upon application—even if they are watered-in shortly after. If you know that it is going to rain, it’s best to fertilize your lawn beforehand.

How often should I fertilize my lawn?

How often your lawn is fertilized will depend on what kind of fertilizer you use. However, it’s generally safe to assume you should fertilize your lawn 3 times per year—once in early spring when grass first starts to green, once in late spring, and once in late summer or early fall.

Can you over-fertilize your lawn?

Yes, you can over-fertilize your lawn, especially if you aren’t using a slow-release fertilizer. Fertilizer contains salts that can draw moisture out of your grass. When too much fertilizer is applied, it leaves behind what looks like scorch marks of brown grass in the pattern that you applied fertilizer. The effect of over-fertilization is often referred to as “fertilizer burn.”

Not only does the slow-release fertilizer we use protect against fertilizer burn, but it also ensures that your lawn is fed nutrients for weeks after application.