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Summer conditions can be very hard on our cool season grasses. High temperatures combined with lack of rainfall stress plants to the point of needing help. Although it's all right to allow the lawns to go dormant during summer conditions, we always recommend watering any time we go two weeks without rainfall during summer months. It's not necessary to try to bring back color into dormant grass, however keeping enough moisture in the root system is essential if we are to expect a healthy recovery at the end of summer. September will bring shorter days and cooler weather, but we must begin planning now if we are to enjoy beautiful turf this fall.


We always recommend to core-aerate and overseed as needed at the end of each summer. We are now taking orders for scheduling renovation work. Seeding of lawns is recommended August 15th through September. Core-aeration services are available throughout the fall. We provide two choices of cool season grasses for overseeding of homeowners lawns: bluegrass or turf type fescue. Bluegrass will require the greater amount of maintenance in regard to watering, fertilizing and mechanical maintenance, and re-establishment. We recommend turf type fescue to be used by most homeowners. It requires less maintenance, is quicker to establish, is more drought resistant and heat tolerant and withstands our poor soils better than bluegrass. Both grasses make beautiful lawns when maintained properly.

In September we will begin applying our fall fertilizer and broadleaf weed control application to your lawns. (No weed control may be applied this fall on lawns having seed work. If you are planning on seeding your lawn yourself, please notify us so that we do not come out and apply herbicide to your seed.) The fertilizer will help build thickness and color, while the weed control takes care of broadleaf weeds that have established over the summer. Water as needed and mow frequently to promote growth and vigor. Don't delay; make plans now. The weather will cool down soon and we will want our turf grass areas colorful and ready to enjoy. If your lawn needs some extra attention, please call. We are here to help.


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