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Of course, spring is one of our busiest times of the year. New growth emerges on all of our plants giving us a colorful display. It's a wonderful season and one of the main reasons we chose our work. We enjoy working outside in the great weather of spring, but ours is a seasonal business and we have much to do. "Daylight to dark", that's the term we use this time of year as we try to get as much accomplished as possible during this period of springtime.

Lawn applications are provided daily throughout the spring. We are applying fertilizers, pre-emergents, broadleaf weed controls, and insecticides to turf during this time of year.

Ornamental applications are provided for small trees and landscape plantings at this time. Fertilizers, insecticides, and fungicides are applied to supply nutrition and control pests.

Core-aeration services (see picture above) are recommended spring and/or fall every year. This is a much-needed service on everyone's lawn and we are putting these machines to work right now.

Springtime is a beautiful, colorful time of year. All that color is from all that new growth, which requires maintenance. Whether it be on shrubbery or turf, proper pruning is critical to your enjoyment of healthy, vibrant plants throughout the season.

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