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Lime should be a part of your lawn care program. The clay-based soils in our area are generally acidic. If your soil's ph is too low, or acidic, it needs lime to bring it into a proper range. Acidic soils are unhealthy for your turf and create a better environment for weeds. Acidic soils cause fertilizers and important micronutrients to become bound with soil particles, making them unavailable to your grass plants. This causes turf to become thin and yellow. Thatch may build up faster and root growth slows down.


Picture Perfect Lawn Care provides a soil test with our final application each season. Your soil ph is given along with recommendations for lime. We generally recommend applying lime annually for our soils. Our lime application will help correct the ph of your soil, improving lawn color and density, helping to control thatch, and increasing root development. Sweetening your soil with lime helps keep the chemistry of your soil in balance so that you may enjoy a healthier, thicker, and greener lawn. It helps everything we do work better.

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