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Are you in need of any help with the plants around your home? We all have our personal preferences for the colorful plants that we place to highlight our houses and lawn areas. In fact, it's becoming more common to see ornamentals being planted to commemorate births, weddings, and anniversaries. Everyone enjoys the bright colors, the fragrance of certain flowers, and the emergence of new growth. It's invigorating and we all look forward to it each spring, to enjoy it while we can.

Our ornamentals should be receiving, at a minimum, some nutrition each season. Our perennial beds, shrubbery, and planted trees should be fertilized spring and fall. Proper nutrition will promote healthier plants less likely to suffer from pests. We can apply fertilizers to your landscape beds and shrubbery to promote vigorous, healthy growth. Larger leaves and increased flowering mean more color for your home. Newly planted trees need good fertility to develop properly. We can provide deep root feedings spring and fall to enhance your trees' health and vigor. These applications are a great way to help get your trees off to a good start.

Some of the plants we enjoy may be more prone to insect activity or possibly disease problems. We can set up a pesticide program for you depending upon the variety of plants that you have and the type of pests that they may be susceptible to . Our regular program for shrubbery includes three applications of insecticide through the season timed specifically to stop bagworms. At the same time you will get control of mites, aphids, and other leaf-hopping insects. Please call if you would like some help. We would be happy to come look over your plants and develop a landscape program. Estimates are free!

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