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Get Ready for a New Season

Before we begin applications each year, we like to be sure that you are prepared. You will need to get your mower ready. You should probably clean under the deck, replace the spark plug, and sharpen that blade to start a new season.


Some lawns may need raking prior to our first application. Many lawns would benefit from an early mowing to clean the lawn before we come out. An early cleanup and mowing make a great deal of difference in bringing a lawn out of dormancy and allowing the turf more time for spreading and filling through the spring season. Look for some good weather later in February that will allow you to get outside as needed. Lawns that were mowed late last season may not be ready for cutting so soon.

Our first application begins in March. It is a granular slow-release fertilizer and pre-emergent application. The fertilizer will get your lawn off to a good start, thickening the grass and giving a rich, green color. The pre-emergent is a crabgrass control, which we apply in March, prior to crabgrass germination in April.

Core-aeration would be an excellent spring service for your turf. We can help to rejuvenate your lawn immediately. These machines open up the soil while pruning the roots of your plants to stimulate new growth. Roots expand into less compacted soil to help the lawn fill in areas that have thinned.

Get Ready! Clean the lawn, rake, mow, and core aerate if needed.

Prepare your lawn for a "Picture Perfect" season.

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