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Does your lawn need a total makeover?

Perhaps you moved into a fixer-upper. Perhaps the realities of parenthood have forced you to give up your weekly 30 minutes of solitude on the riding lawnmower. Whatever the reason for your yard’s state of disarray—we understand that life happens, and we’re here to help you return your yard to its former glory without breaking a sweat.

With lawn renovation services from Picture Perfect Lawn Care, the days of settling for a dull, patchy, weed-infested lawn are over. Our core aeration, verticutting, and overseeding services will ensure bare spots and brown patches disappear to reveal a lush, vibrant lawn and landscape.

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When Just Mowing Doesn’t Cut It

If your lawn is overcome by countless weeds, brown patches, and bare spots—it may be a good candidate for lawn renovation services. Our lawn renovation services address what is often the root cause of a thinning and discolored lawn—thatch overgrowth and compacted soils.

Lawn renovation provides you with the opportunity to restore your lawn’s color and density by breaking up the barriers that are preventing it from getting the water, air, and nutrients it needs to grow.

If your lawn looks abysmal, you don’t have to completely tear it up and start all over to see the results you’re dreaming of. In circumstances where DIY lawn maintenance just won’t cut it, call Picture Perfect Lawn Care!

From Subpar to Paradise: How to Renovate Your Lawn

At Picture Perfect Lawn Care, we help Northland KC homeowners renovate their lawns with core aeration, verticutting, and overseeding services. By combining these services as a part of a customized plan, we can help remove the buildup and blockage that prevents nutrient absorption while promoting healthy new growth.

Lawn Aeration

In order to thrive, your lawn needs three things: air, water, and nutrients. However, over time your lawn can develop excessive thatch and soil compaction. This makes it difficult for your lawn to breathe and absorb water and nutrients.

Lawn aeration is the process of perforating the soil with small holes to break up thatch and loosen compact soil. There are multiple methods of lawn aeration, with some being more superficial and laborious than others. We provide core aeration services, a method of aeration that efficiently aerates the soil by mechanically removing plugs or “cores” of soil and thatch from the lawn. Core aeration is often necessary in areas like the Kansas City Northland where clay soil creates barriers that prevent nutrients from reaching grass roots.


Verticutting is a service we offer for homeowners whose lawns have amassed excessive amounts of thatch. Thatch is a combination of dead roots, stems, and other organic materials that accumulate between blades of grass. Although a certain level of thatch is necessary to reduce compression in high-traffic areas, too much of it can prevent air, water, and nutrients from reaching younger turf.

Verticutting, also known as vertical mowing, is a process that removes thatch buildup in the lawn that prevent it from absorbing the necessary nutrients and moisture. By using a special vertically-oriented blade, we are able to break up thatch and bring it to the surface of your lawn.


As the final step in our lawn renovation service, we provide overseeding to help fill in bare spots and promote healthy growth. Overseeding is simply the process of spreading grass seeds over your existing turf. Not only can overseeding help improve the density of your turf, it also gives you the opportunity to introduce new grass varieties and improve your lawn’s color.

Give Your Yard the TLC it Needs with Lawn Renovation from Picture Perfect

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