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Slime MoldSlime mold is a common disease that we see on our lawns each season. Slime mold thrives in prolonged periods of wetness and may be active on our turf at various times from spring through fall. It appears in the form of small, round clusters that attach themselves along the blades of grass in our turf. These small, capsule-like spore masses are typically blue-gray to gray-white in color. Patches of affected turf may range in size from a few inches to a few feet in diameter. This particular organism doesn't actually attack the grass plants and therefore does little damage. Some yellowing or thinning of leaf tissue may be observed due to shading of the turf causing reduced photosynthesis. Chemical treatments are not necessary. A forceful spray from a garden hose, brushing with a broom, or use of a leaf rake all work well to disperse the powdery residue if needed. Be aware that those dark, purple spores can be staining if brought back into the house on your shoes.slimemold04


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