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nutsedge1Nutsedge, commonly referred to as watergrass or nutgrass, is a perennial summer problem in lawns. Nutsedge thrives in full sun and prefers low lying or wet areas where soil has become water-logged and oxygen is forced out. As the grass thins in summer heat, summer annual weeds such as nutsedge are able to break through. Nutsedge is pale green to yellow in color and grows rapidly in summer heat.

There is no pre-emergent control for nutsedge in your lawn. If you have only a few sprigs of nutsedge here and there you may pull it out of moist soil. In the case of heavy infestations, chemical post-emergents can effectively control nutsedge. Nutsedge grows from small tubers, which it produces by the thousands. These tubers can remain dormant for an extended period of time. As emergence of plants continues through the season, reapplication of herbicides may be necessary.


We do recommend improving soil structure for long-term results against summer weeds. This means core-aerating to improve compaction of soil and drainage. Core aeration also replaces oxygen in the soil and lime is recommended to improve ph. Seeding of thin areas to promote thicker turf will reduce the ability of summer annual weed competition.

We provide applications of 'Dismiss' for nutsedge control July through August. Application cost is based on the amount of nutsedge within a lawn. Please call if you would like an application or an estimate for nutsedge control.

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