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Fall webworms will be seen in our area every year. We often see them infesting trees along the roadside as we drive in our cars. However, they can show up in our home landscapes as well. Fall webworms feed on over 120 species of trees and shrubs. They have two generations per year. Fall webworms emerge in late spring to early summer for their first generation and have a second, more prolific generation late summer and early fall.

On older, established trees fall webworms are more of an aestetic distraction than a health problem to the trees. The unsightly and conspicuous webbing that they create encompasses the branches on which they feed. Fall webworm activity will not normally kill trees and shrubs. They are however defoliators and can be damaging to our ornamentals and younger trees.

Small branches that have been infested within reach may be cleaned up with a stick or pole. Pruning small limbs can also be effective. Insecticides can be used, but will need some pressure to penetrate the webbing that has been created.

If you would like us to help you with applications for fall webworms, please call and we will respond quickly. Service is our Product.


Service is Our Product.
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