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Lest we forget, we want to remind everyone that mowing is the most important maintenance that your lawn receives. It is important to keep up with maintenance late into the season in order to promote fall root growth. If we discontinue mowing too early in the season we will encourage our lawns to go dormant and our lawns will lose their ability to fully recover thin areas of turf. Fall is the season your grass roots develop and spread the most. Adequate moisture along with continued mowing is required for your lawn to reach its full potential for spreading and filling. We should continue mowing as long as the grass is growing. The growth rate slows at this time of year allowing longer intervals between mowing, but mowing should not cease. Although the lawn may only need to be mowed every two weeks by the end of the season, we should be mowing up to and past the Thanksgiving holiday.

LEAVES NEED TO BE REMOVED! Leaving too many leaves on the lawn prevents sunlight from reaching the turf. Turf left in such condition will not be able to photosynthesize at normal rates and will enter the winter in an anemic state. A thick covering of leaves will also reduce oxygen flow to the leaves and roots of your grasses further weakening your turf. Weakened plants will be more susceptible to winter injury.


Watering must be considered if conditions are dry late in the season. Good watering can make the difference between your lawn having a healthy fall recovery or entering winter weather sparse and lacking energy. Any lawns that were seeded should continue receiving moisture throughout the fall and may need watering over the winter once a month if rainfall does not come. Don't forget your trees and shrubs. Any plants that were put out this season should be watered thoroughly just before we go into winter. We also advise watering all pines and spruce prior to winter. We need to realize that once the ground has frozen our plants will no longer be able to take water in and we may see desiccation injury over winter if conditions are too cold and dry.


TREES & SHRUBS! Fall is the time of year when roots develop best on our plants. It is at this time of year when we can best help our plants to be in the healthy condition that we want. Many of our landscape plantings are separated from our lawn areas and are often left unattended for much too long. Our soils do not hold nutrients in the amounts that our plants require and we must be adding fertility for our shrubbery and perennials to thrive in the manner we desire. Young trees, although they may be planted in lawn areas, will require more fertility than your turf. We can provide applications of fertilizer to your landscape beds to deliver the nutrition that your plants need to stay healthy and vibrant. We can also do deep root feeding of young trees (established trees shouldn't normally need any help).

Fresh mulch should be applied around our trees and shrubs each season. If you have not mulched your plants recently, now would be a great time to give them protection before winter. A two to three inch layer of mulch is recommended to provide cover over the roots of your trees and shrubs to protect against winter injury. Mulch around trees also gives a layer of protection against lawn mower and weed eater damage, a common cause of death to young trees.

Young maple trees are very thin-barked and prone to cracking over winter. The warmth of direct sunlight in an environment of cold temperatures causes the bark to pop and split. We recommend wrapping trunks of young maples at this time.

Our trees and shrubs are a beautiful, vibrant part of our home environments. Now is the time to be giving them care. If you would like fertilizer applications for your trees and/or shrubs, please call. Estimates are free.


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