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Lawn aeration is a vital part of any effective lawn care plan—especially for Kansas City homeowners where clay soil makes it difficult for grass to support new growth and absorb necessary water and nutrients.

To maintain a healthy lawn, we recommend using a method of lawn aeration referred to as core aeration. It’s the most time and cost-effective method of aeration, using a machine to mechanically perforate the soil. Because it is a mechanical process, it also requires significantly less manual labor than other aeration methods.

Picture Perfect Lawn Care offers core aeration services to Northland Kansas City homeowners looking to improve the health and appearance of their lawn. Call us today to inquire about our services or keep reading to learn more about core aeration.

How does core aeration work?

The clay soil of the Kansas City Northland area is thick and mucky, which means that it suppresses and suffocates the roots of our plants. A core aerator helps the turf’s root system immediately by giving it more room to grow. Roots that have been pruned by the aerating spoons put out new growth because the grass receives nutrition that was not available prior to the application of the aerator. Above ground, the lawn will thicken as tillering increases. The lawn becomes healthier, more vigorous, and will have fewer pest problems.

How do I know if my lawn needs to be aerated?

Anyone who has seen new home construction areas understands how poor the soil is in our area for lawn growth. Still uncertain if a core aerator service will be beneficial for your lawn? Ask yourself these questions:

  • Is your lawn receiving any traffic?
  • Do you have any sloped areas that don’t retain water well?
  • Are you concerned about thatch?

The bottom line is that every lawn can benefit from lawn service with a core aerator. Core aeration is an excellent spring service to promote heat and drought stress tolerance prior to summer. In the fall, core aeration helps spreading roots recover from hot and dry summer conditions. Core aeration is also excellent for preparing soil for seed, such as before overseeding.

Core Aeration Services in Clay and Platte Counties

We recommend enlisting the services of a lawn care professional to use a core aerator on your lawn at least once per year in the Kansas City Northland area. We have many customers who choose to have us aerate their lawns in the spring and fall. The benefits of loosening the soil so that air and water may penetrate into the turf’s root system cannot be achieved any other way than with a core aerator.

Call Picture Perfect Lawn Care today for more information about scheduling your core aeration service.

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