6400 Five Corners Road, Smithville, MO

Picture Perfect Lawn Care Service, Inc. is Northland Kansas City’s trusted lawn care company. Being family and locally owned, we offer a personalized approach to lawn care that large franchise operations simply can’t match. Since the spring of ‘89, we’ve stood by our slogan “Service Is Our Product,” emphasizing our dedication to high-quality service in all that we do.

Our Education and Experience in Lawn Care


Long before Picture Perfect came to fruition, our owners Marty Ponak and Lori Dyer-Ponak began laying the grounds for their lawn care company with years of education and experience.

Prior to the grand opening of Picture Perfect Lawn Care Service, Inc., Lori and Marty worked together for several years at a national lawn care company. Beyond hands-on experience, our owners also come equipped with unique educational background.

Lori graduated from the University of Missouri in Columbia with a degree in horticulture, a degree that specifically studies the cultivation and management of lawns and landscaping. Marty came to the lawn care industry after seven years as a steelworker. They became licensed in professional lawn care and have since gained knowledge in tree, shrub, and lawn care through years of experience in the industry.

Developing Picture Perfect Lawn Care Service, Inc.

The opening of Picture Perfect Lawn Care Service, Inc., came just three weeks after Marty and Lori’s marriage.

“We began our first season with just the two of us. Lori traded her Mustang in for a 3/4 ton pick-up, which became our first spray truck. We also had a small truck that we used for maintenance work. Thanks to many of you, we serviced about four hundred customers in our first year. We have grown steadily since, adding employees and trucks as needed to keep up with a growing Northland community. We moved to our current location in Smithville in 1992. We officially became incorporated in 1994. In 2001 we built a new 4,000 sq. ft. warehouse facility in Smithville along with a 900 sq. ft. office building to better suit our growing needs. We have provided jobs for more employees as we have grown, as well as provided community service.”

Our Lawn Care Company Commitment: Service is Our Product.


Throughout all the changes that have come to Picture Perfect Lawn Care, Inc through the years, one important thing has remained the same: Service is Our Product. Providing outstanding services to customers, as well as high-quality lawn care products, is always the number one priority. “One of our original thoughts was to try to meet the people we would work for,” says Marty. “We still practice this concept today. We want our customers to know us and feel comfortable when the time comes that they need to call.”

“Our goal is to provide you with the best lawn care available,” explains Lori. “Quality has always been our emphasis, whether it means the product we are buying or the manner in which we apply it. We chose the slogan ‘Service is Our Product,’ emphasizing the word “service” specifically to express to you our intention to provide you with outstanding service.”

Celebrating 32 Years of Serving Northland Kansas City

2021 marks Picture Perfect Lawn Care’s 32nd anniversary of providing service to their neighbors in the Northland. “We are happy to be here and appreciate the opportunity to help you have a Picture Perfect Lawn!”

Service is Our Product
Call Picture Perfect Lawn Care Service, Inc at 816-532-4720 today in the Kansas City Northland to learn more about our lawn care services.